For the week of August 17-23, 2020
Old Testament Reading New Testament Reading
                                         Psalm                                                                             Romans
Monday                          Psalm     107-108                                                                  Romans  15:21-33 
 Tuesday                        Psalm     109-111                                                                    Romans  16  
Wednesday                Psalm    112-115                                                                I Corinthians 1
Thursday                      Psalm     116-118                                                                I Corinthians   2
Friday                              Psalm       119:1-48                                                             I Corinthians   3                        
Saturday                      Psalm      119:49-104                                                       I Corinthians   4          
Sunday                           Psalm      119:105-176                                                      I Corinthians 5                                        
Memory Verse:  119:105
Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.
God’s Word will give you light and understanding on how to live.



From the Pastor’s heart;
Don’t forget to use this time to reach out to others. Spend some time each day calling members on the telephone and offering to pray with them.

                                                                                                                                                       Pastor   Fullwood

1. Until further notice, we will not be meeting together for corporate worship in the Church Sanctuary. All Bible study and prayer meeting groups at the Church will be suspended until further notice. This will allow members to abide by the law and honor their social distancing concerns.
2. How will we meet for worship? We will continue to worship together in small groups by conference calling, zoom meetings, Facebook live and personal one-on-one telephone calls for prayer and Bible reading.
3. Fasting I’m also asking for church members to join me in a one day fast each week until this crisis has past.
4. Seeking God I’m also asking for church members to join me in following II Chronicles 7:14. I believe God will hear us as we seriously approach the throne of grace as we are instructed in II Chronicles 7:14. God is able to heal our land.
5. Staying connected: I have talked to Michael Harris about live streaming for our church. We are not there yet but we do have the capability to pre-record and place our messages on our website. We will be in the process of trying to get that done.
6. Giving generously: We do encourage our members to continue to give generously for the expenses of our church. Giving can be done online at our website ( You can also give the traditional way by mailing your offering envelopes to the church.
7. Continue to pray for God to move and to bring an end to this crisis