Thank you for all the love, kindness and support you have shown us. We deeply appreciate and gratefully acknowledge your kind expression of sympathy . It will always be remembered.                                     The Howse Family
Our Homecoming celebration is just two weeks away. It has been two years since we celebrated Homecoming in our usual way. We are delighted that God has given us the opportunity to resume our celebration of Homecoming at Bellevue. Let us make Homecoming very special this year.  Invite family and friends to join us. Our Sunday School program will begin at 9:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary. Attorney Christelle Pérez will be our guest speaker. Following the Sunday School Program we will release balloons with evangelistic messages in the Church parking lot. 
Our worship service will begin at 10:30 a.m.  in the Ministry Center.   Pastor Gordon and Love of Christ Baptist Church will be our guest Church and Dr. Colvin Blanford, Organizer and Pastor Emeritus of New Life Christian Fellowship, Mesa Arizona will be our guest speaker.
Let us make this an evangelistic event! Our goal is to reach our community for Christ. God is pleased when we reach people with the Gospel for His Kingdom. 
Take this opportunity to invite a family members and friends to join us for this celebration.
‘Fallin’ in love with Jesus. Is it the best thing you’ve every done? ‘Music/Fall-In’ Festival! Please join us Saturday October 08, 2022 from 11a – 3p, here on the grounds of Bellevue Baptist Church, for music, fun, fellowship, and food as we “Reach Our Community for Christ”! Come out and plan to be comfortable for this outdoor event.

When Jesus began his earthly ministry, he called his first followers to be “fishers of men”…. (Matthew 4:19) Today, God calls us to the exact same task. Please share this event with family, friends, and strangers. Pick up postcards (on table outside of the administrative secretary’s office) and spread the word!

We also need volunteers, we need you! Please use the sign up sheet located on the table outside the administrative secretary’s office or contact Belinda Hamer.

We look forward to praying, evangelizing, engaging, and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with our community as we reach out and ‘fall in’ love with Jesus!
Blessings, Music Committee
We are looking forward to our new members class re-opening again. If you have joined our Church or looking to join our Church, our next new members class will start on Sunday morning October 2nd at 9:00 a.m. We will meet in the hospitality room. We invite all of our new members to join us.                                                                                                                                New Members Committee
Changing the Time for Sunday School and the Worship Service
Starting on Sunday morning, October 2, 2022 we will move to the following time for our worship service. Sunday School classes in the Church building and on Zoom will start at 9:00 a.m. and end at 10:00 a.m.
The worship service will follow at 10:30 a.m. This change will give us more flexibility for our Sunday School classes and worship service.
Thank you for your support. Continue to pray with us as we move our Church to a more normal pattern for worship.
Members who are giving on line and no longer need offering envelopes please let us know on the sign-up-sheet outside of Pastor’s office. You may also call the church office to indicate your preference Monday – Friday between the hours of 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (773) 568-3200.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Finance Department

“The love of money is the root of all evil; which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” (I Timothy 6:10)
When one is short of money this verse on the problems caused by a passion for money may not impress the reader. But regardless of one’s material situation, this verse is needed lest the passion for money ruin. To learn from this verse, we note the clarification of the passion for money, and the corruption from the passion for money.
Clarification. “The love of money is the root of all evil.” This verse is often misread. Some think it says that money is the root of all evil. That is not true. It is the love of money that causes evil. Furthermore, “all evil” needs to be understood as “all kinds of evil,” not necessarily every evil. The word is translated “all manner of evil” in Matthew 5:11. Love for money is a cause of many problems. It is not the possession of money that is the cause of problems but the inordinate affection for money. Also, it is not how much money you have that is a problem, for this sin is not limited to the rich. You may be a pauper but still have a problem here because of your inordinate affection for money. And on the other hand, you may be wealthy but not have this problem.
Corruption. “They have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” Two corrupting problems are cited here that come from an inordinate love for money. They are an unholy creed and an unhappy condition.
First, unholy creed. “Erred from the faith.” Materialism does not help one maintain a strong stand in the faith. Affluence can readily make one an apostate. Love for money corrupts spiritually. It keeps people away from church earning an extra buck on Sunday. Money often causes one to lose his devotion to the Lord.
Second, unhappy condition. “Many sorrows.” Andrew Carnegie, multi-millionaire, said, “Millionaires seldom smile.” Money is not the key to happiness. It causes more sorrow than joy. If you are short on cash today, do not be too upset; a lack of money is not as bad as a love for money.
COVID-19 Test Kits Seniors, please be aware that Medicare has a new initiative that will cover up to eight over-the-counter COVID-19 tests each calendar month, at no cost to you. The test kits contain two tests in each box. You should be able to obtain four free boxes each month if you have Medicare Part B, including those enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan. Please check with your pharmacy. Medicare won’t cover over-the-counter COVID-19 tests if you only have Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) coverage, but you may be able to get free tests through other programs.
Donations to the Social Needs Ministry
Due to the covid pandemic many of our Social Needs Ministries have been placed on hold. Therefore, we’re asking members not to bring clothing and food items to the church for donation. The church is not accepting these items at this time. Thank you for helping us in the past with this ministry.
Social Needs Committee
WEARING THE MASK PROPERLY: Philippian 2:4 says: “ Let each of you look not only to his own interest, also to the interest of others” Bellevue you have been diligent and cooperative during this COVID season and we commend all in the efforts to keep everyone well and safe who enters the building.
Love is an action word and during these times we have to not only look out for ourselves but others too which should be done in a loving way. The illustration is a reminder of the proper way to wear your face mask. ( You don’t want the virus air particles to have access to your nose or mouth)
1. The top of the mask should fit properly over and snug around the bridge of your nose using the wire to press down and fit. ( Not the tip of your nose)
2. The bottom of the mask should extend down and around the bottom of your chin. ( not on the chin or under the chin)
3. Blue or Yellow surgical mask if you are wearing properly the white part of the mask should be worn inside( toward your face) and the blue/yellow should show on the outside of your face.
4. Recent recommendation is to wear KN95 if you are able to get and have access to them.
5. Cloth mask have little protection from airborne particles.
Places such as CVS, Walmart, Amazon, Walgreens. Sam’s clubs, Costco just to name a few carry the surgical mask. (Walmart and Amazon carry KN95)
Reach out to your Aldermen office if you are in need of Kn95 mask. Your local office will be giving them out. Be well and be safe! Health and                             Wellness Ministry
Mrs. Retha Washington
Ms. Iunice Zone
Mrs. Corrie Council
Mrs. Mary Winn
Mrs. Deborah Fullwood
Mrs. Rosemary Sheckels
Mrs. Rosie Reed
Mrs. Rosa Marie Bouier
Mrs. Queen Brown
Mrs. Caldonia Smith
Mrs. Donita Rochelle
Mrs. Lucille Henry
Mrs. Virginia Durr
Mrs.  Loretta Hudgins
Mrs. Dorothy Boyd
Ms.  Vivonette Paige
Mrs. Doris Anglin
Mrs. Ruth Robinson
Mrs. Rosa Pryor
Mrs. Joyce Jones
Mrs. Dorothy Simon
Mrs. Cari Magee
Pastor Lucious Fullwood
Rev. Darryl Winn
Mrs. Wilma Buckley
Mrs. JoAnn Harris
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Mr. Taylor Robinson