Our community prayer meetings for the month of January was virtual last year. For this year we will come together for our community prayer meetings.
• Today,  January 29th, we will meet at New Life Covenant Church S. E, 7645 S. Greenwood.
Our Community prayer meetings will start at 5:00 p.m. and end at 6:30 p.m. Everyone is invited. We encourage you to come out and share in intercessory prayer for our community.
To Pastor Fullwood and our Bellevue Family, Thank you for your kindness and support during the time of bereavement for our sister, Marion Jenkins. We appreciate your prayers, cards, calls, the plant and all of your encouragement.                                                                       Earl and Laurie Shavers and Family

With our warmest thanks, you’ve been so very nice to us. We wish we knew some way to let you know the gratitude we feel but just can’t say so. We hope this special “thank you” will show, at least in part, the warm appreciation that is coming from our hearts.
The Family of Darryl Lamar McMath & Louis Sims and Vernell Crump
Congratulations: The following has completed the Bible reading for 2022
Mrs. Deborah Fullwood
Ms. Rosa Pryor
Mrs. Dorothy Boyd
Mrs. Queen Brown
Mrs. Retha Washington
Mrs. Joyce Jones
Mrs. Doris Anglin
Mrs. Rosemary Sheckels
Mrs. Rosa Marie Bouier
Mrs. Iuncie Jones
Mrs. Lucille Henry
Mrs. Ora Mickel
Mrs. Rosie Reed
Ms. Vivonette Paige
Mrs. Ruby Lambert
Mrs. Wilma Buckley
Hannah Perez-Children’s Bible
Mrs. Eula Curtis
Mrs. Zelena Bailey
Mrs. Ruth Robinson 
Mrs. Roberta Bryant
Mrs. Mary Hobson
Mrs. Cari McGee
Mrs. Renee Lumpkin
Mrs. Virginia Durr
Mrs. Christelle Perez
Pastor Fullwood
Deacon Mearon Durr
Mr. Taylor Robinson
Ms. Dorothy Simon
Mrs. Mozella Schaffer
Mrs. Emma Robinson
Mrs. Katherine Clayton
Mrs. Adrienne Lambert
Mrs. Betty Parker
Mrs. Shirley Rich
Mrs. Anice Venzant
Mrs. Loretta Hudgins
Mrs. Corrie Council
Ms. Maxine Perdue