After they prayed. Acts 4:31(NIV)
We are not told in so many words how long it was after the early church had been launched that these early Christians were at work in Jerusalem. But we do know that later on persecution scattered them abroad. This persecution was the best thing that could have happened. It stirred them and set them out on the road spreading the gospel across the world. Meanwhile in Jerusalem they were doing their best by meeting with one another. Thus they were able to weather the storm sweeping around them, and keep the lamp burning. Three things happened in this particular gathering that the church of today might take to heart: they prayed, they were filled with the Spirit, and they lost all fear. What is it we pray for? What is it that most deeply interests us? To examine ourselves in these two areas should show us what it is that mostly hold our hearts. The little band of men and women whom the storm had driven into hiding, instead of shivering with fear, prayed for courage to stand up against their persecutors. Prayers like that let God’s Spirit in. That is what happened on the first Pentecost.